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      banner flash business

      Performance Assessment

      ShinyStat Business is the all-in-one tool that offers a complete tracking system to measure your web traffic and assess your site performance and ROI.

      Conversion Analysis

      - Which Search Engines are generating most sales?
      - Which keywords generate the highest number of information requests?
      - Which affiliated sites are taking most orders?

      Advertising Campaign Tracking and ROI

      - How many sales are your ad campaigns generating?
      - Which is the most effective ad campaign?
      - Which search term on Google AdWords is generating most customers?

      SERD (Search Engine Ranking Detecting)

      - How can you measure your site visibility on the major search engines?
      - Can you accurately check your site ranking?
      - How effective are your efforts to improve your site ranking?


      - How is your site performing in relation to your category average?